Dynojet all-wheel drive test bench

With us, the customer receives his service individually.
The tuning and further development of our power stages is carried out at our modern high-performance test stand.

This allows power measurements up to over 1000kW and is therefore ideal for powerful vehicles.

This test stand is, of course, maintained and calibrated every year. Maximum measuring tolerance 2%.
The air supply is more than adequate. Air speed is over 120 km / h.
Extensive possibilities for recording external measured values ​​at the vehicle lambda, intake air temperature, ignition angle, throttle position etc.

Dynojet Linx System

Due to different roll speeds, the potential danger of damaging the drive train in modern all-wheel drive vehicles exists.
The Dynojet Linx system counteracts this. By using a sophisticated system, using a V-ribbed belt, the differences in roll speeds are eliminated.

It is also possible to measure 2 wheel-drive vehicles "Bmw M3 Csl etc", where the front tires must rotate.

Single measurement including printout 2WD: 99.00 Euro
Single measurement including printout 4WD: from 139.00 Euro

Single measurement including printout 2WD from 450 HP: 139,00 Euro
Single measurement including printout 4WD from 470 hp: from 249,00 Euro

Performance measurements motorcycle: from 119,00 Euro

EC card payment possible!